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How do you meet?

Who is our dating service designed for?

The dating service is designed for heterosexual relationships and for the LGBT community alike. When completing your profile, simply state who you are looking for (man looking for a woman, woman looking for a man, woman looking for a woman, man looking for a man). After choosing one of these categories, you will no longer see partners from the other categories. The dating service is bilingual (CS / EN), meaning that you can look for a partner that speaks Czech or English. Or perhaps you don’t care which of these languages he or she speaks. The dating service therefore makes it possible to meet people that speak a different language, providing you with the attractive opportunity of finding someone from a different country.

Registration and first sign-in

You must properly register to be able to look for a suitable partner for you. If registration is successful, you will be asked to confirm your registration. A confirmation e-mail will arrive at the e-mail address you provide during registration. If you provide an e-mail address which you cannot access, you won’t be able to access the dating service. After confirming registration using the confirmation e-mail, you then need to sign in. But you still won’t see any suitable partners, at least not yet. You first need to complete your profile, entering all mandatory information. You will be invited to do this. After that, you can start looking for your ideal partner.


In this section, you will be able to see all new partners that match your settings. For example: "I am a woman looking for a man" in your settings will show you men that are looking for a woman.

My favourites

Here you can save partners that you are interested in. If you find that you are not interested anymore, you can simply delete them.

My profile

Click on a partner’s card to see their profile and full information about them. There is a bar underneath this information that offers you the following links:

  • Add to favourites / remove from favourites
  • Wink
  • Send a flower
  • Send Cupid

If the partner has notification switched off in his/her settings, he/she will receive an e-mail about the event (wink, sending a flower, etc.) and can then get in touch with you. You will find a form to send messages under the links. All messages you send and messages that the partner you messaged sends you will appear above the form.


Here you will see a list of all your events or events directed towards you (winking, flowers, Cupid, messages).


Here you can set all criteria for looking for the ideal partner. You will see the partners currently searched upon each loading or change of watchdog settings.

My profile

A form with information about you and a profile picture. You can also add up to 36 photographs to your photo gallery.


Here you can enter either a partner’s nickname or any word (phrase). A search is done of all text boxes in the profile form.

User settings

The icon of the cog on the right. Here you will see information about your account. You can also set whether you want to receive notification of an event by e-mail or let partners know it is your birthday. Here you can also set a new password.

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